Kuroki is a denim factory,

that just as all of our friends works toward a brighter future by prioritise sustainabilaty and good quality.

Kuroki was founded in October 1974 among the rice paddies in Okayama, Japan.

Today they are one of the leading weaves in Japan, still surrounded by beautiful nature thanks to their drive towards sustainability.


Nothing goes to waist, not even the used water.Instead it goes through a strict cleaning procedure, that makes it possible to reuse by watering the rice fields in Okayama. Simply creating their own eco system.



Candiani Denim was founded in 1938 in a small town near Milano surrouned by a nature reserve. It has been a family - run company ever since. They have for 75 years grown an experience of enterprise to become the World´s finest and sustainable denim mill. 


Today, the family company is onto the forth generation, driven by Alberto Candiani. 

His passion for sustainability, the value of  ”made in Italy” and innovation has shown in the deeply woven fabrics. Both by the quality and the GOTS certification. Which we proudly show by printing it on the inside pocket bag.  


They have been known as the greenest textile company in the blue world and produces for the most prestigious names in the market. We are happy to say that Candiani is one of our oldest and fundamental stones among our Circle of Friends.