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Ecology & Social Responsibility

GOTS is a non-profit program and stands for Global Organic Textile Standards. Their vision is to set requirements throughout the supply chain in the textile manufacturing using organically produced raw materials. 


Organic production is based on a system that are using fertilized soil without the use of toxic, persistent pesticides or synthetic fertilisers. It also includes welfare standards for animals and genetically modified organisms. 

Since GOTS is a a dynamic standard, it has a constant process in how to improve the textile supply. Through the strict requirements and the setup of chain in the industry, GOTS has managed to become accepted world wide by the needs that has been fulfilled. The engagement allows to remove barriers in international trades through education and highlighting the importance of transparence among their carefully selected  professional and independent certification bodies.


Therefore, not everyone can use the GOTS symbol for their products. It takes a certificate and transparency to be able to label their products under ”GOTS” and we are more than happy to be using suppliers such as Candiani Denim that shares the importance of GOTS. 


To learn more, visit GOTS website


BCI stands for Better Cotton Initiative, it is driven by a Non-Profit organization that promotes better standards for the cotton farmers. The organization educates the farmers how to use water in an effective way, taking care of soil and to keep it healthy, what standards that are needed for the workers and to replace the harmful chemicals used and replace with sustainable alternatives. This organization is now practiced across the globe where farmers are a part of this initiative towards sustainability and good work standards. But more countries are yet to join this evolution towards sustainability.

 The first countries/continents to join the initiative back in 2005 when the organization was founded was Africa, Indian, Pakistan, and Brazil. After that, the movement had an even bigger global impact and more countries started to join the initiative.

 Today BCI has a huge impact on the industry and through inspiration and information, we can make costumers aware of what goes into their clothes. This way, we can make costumers engaged and educated. So that they in the future can priorities sustainability and work standards through their purchases. By selecting what’s right, products made out of BCI.


To learn more. Visit BCI’s website.

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