Our Story

With 40 years of experience in the denim industry, founder and owner Per Fredriksson had a key element in mind when he first decided to create his own label in 2014. Having experienced the industry from every corner of the globe, regardless of being in Japan, Italy or Bangladesh, a singular factor became increasingly clear:

“It is more important who you work with, than where you work.”

Production therefore needed to be broken down from the generalization of a country and extend to the region, the city, the factory and the people involved who make the difference. The result became the circle of friends listed in every pair of C.O.F. Studio jeans. 

Not only are these friends some of the best suppliers in their respective categories, the common interest shared regarding our moral responsibility to the environment propels us to create a sustainable, honest and transparent product.

With great respect and admiration for the individuals involved, we aim for a modern approach achieved by the conscious selection of fabrics and components. We are inspired to create products were the quality of each component is presented with the appreciation it deserves, while still incorporating traditional denim craftsmanship.